Course: IE 5620 Design of Experiments (new)

Description: This new course is intended to provide senior and graduate students with the skills in planning, analysis and optimization of experimental data. The course will present the principles and methods of statistical design of experiments for product and process improvement. Students will develop the skills necessary for planning, analysis, and optimization of experimental data, which can be applied across various fields of research including engineering, medicine, and the physical sciences.

Course: IE 6810 Advanced Topics on Additive Manufacturing (new)

Description: This course aims to help graduate students in understanding the latest developments and critical challenges of 3D printing, and provide students with related techniques and practical experience in developing novel AM processes and applications. The course will prepare the students for advanced careers related to advanced manufacturing.

Course: IE 4650 Mechatronics Engineering for Smart Device Design (new)

Description: This course introduces to senior undergraduate and graduate the basic mechatronics system components, and the design principles of using mechatronics to meet functionality requirements of products, processes and systems. Several lab-oriented assignments and team-based course projects are presented with innovative case studies in diverse application domains.

Spring 2019: Final Project Videos
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Spring 2017: Final Project Videos

Course: ENGR 2760 Design for Manufacturing

Description: Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is concerned with the fundamentals of design, engineering graphics, and manufacturing processing; computer graphics using Creo for CAD/CAM; typical industrial processes, including machining, casting, welding, forming; prototype fabrication using additive manufacturing techniques; next generation manufacturing & design tools; laboratory exercises and projects. Topics include: engineering design, computer graphics, computer-aided design, engineering materials, traditional and non-traditional manufacturing techniques, numerically controlled machine tools, additive manufacturing and process planning.


Photo of female students

We have been participating in the Femineer program at the college of engineering at the University of Iowa to introduce the latest additive manufacturng technologies and applications to 6-12 grade students. The aim of the program is to inspire young women to pursue STEM.
Left image: AMPRL researcher Li was hosting a lab tour to the young participants.

Danny Grimes, a blind student from Iowa City, gets help building a bumper for his team’s robot from Xuan Song, UI assistant professor of mechanical and industrial engineering

We have worked with the Iowa Educational Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (IESBVI) in guiding students who are blind or visually impaired from all over the state to participate in a regional robotics contest.

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