Portrait of Xuan Song

Xuan Song, PhD

Director, Additive Manufacturing-Integrated Product Realization Laboratory
Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Graduate Research Assistants

Photo of Bill Bangel

Bill Bangel

Graduate Research Assistant
Photo of Fan Fei

Fan Fei

Graduate Research Assistant
Photo of Levi Kirby

Levi Kirby

Graduate Research Assistant

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Photo of Prabhav Bhatt

Prabhav Bhatt

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Photo of Xin Lyu

Xin Lyu

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Photo of Thiago Xifra

Thiago Xifra

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Former Group Members

PhD Students

  • Li He, August 2016  May 2020, “Suspension-enclosing Projection Stereolithography of Bi-continuous Piezoelectric Ceramic Composites”

MS Students

  • Wenbo Wang, January 2018  May 2020, “Multi-scale Micro-projection Based Stereolithography for Microneedle Fabrication: Process Development and Optimization”


  • Alexander Dotzler, mechanical engineering, Fall 2019  Spring 2020

  • Liyan Liu, mechanical engineering, Spring 2020

  • Baizhuang Zhou, mechanical engineering, January 2018  December 2019

  • Ziyang Xu, mechanical engineering, June 2018  December 2018

  • Ryan Dauzvardis, industrial engineering, September 2018  December 2018

  • Justin Hoehne, electrical engineering, September 2018  December 2018

  • Lamis Awdi, industrial engineering, September 2017  July 2018

  • Genevieve Goelz, biomedical engineering, February 2018  July 2018

  • Qiwei Zhu, mechanical engineering, February 2017  December 2017

  • Oliver Stroh, industrial engineering (honor contract), January 2017  June 2017

Summer Interns

  • Yash Fichadia, Millard North High School (Nebraska), K-12 SSTP program, June 2019  July 2019

  • Haoran Wu, West Senior High School (Iowa), June 2019  August 2019

  • Junkai Wu, No.2 High School of East China Normal University, K-12 SSTP program, June 2018  July 2018

Visiting Scholars

  • Xiaofeng Li, Wuhan University, China, January 2020  January 2021