Graphic depiction of hydrothermal-assisted transient binder jetting technology

Hydrothermal-assisted Transient Binder Jetting Technology

Our new HTBJ technology can fabricate high-density ceramic and composite materials with locally tailorable microstructures and compositions under mild conditions, enabling highly programmable properties that have never existed.

Graphic depiction of support-free ceramic stereolithography

Support-free Ceramic Stereolithography

Our patented ceramic 3D printing technology* can print ceramic structures of arbitrary geometric complexity without the need for building the additional support required in traditional methods.

*For patent licensing, please contact Dr. Song.

Graphic depiction of additive manufacturing of bi-continuous piezocomposites

Additive Manufacturing of Bi-continuous Piezocomposites

Our 3D printing technology can reliably tune properties of bi-continuous piezocomposites, an emerging material with both excellent flexibility and piezoelectricity.

Graphic depiction of multi-scale, multi-material additive manufacturing

Multi-scale, Multi-material Additive Manufacturing

Our technology can fabricate structures with multiple types of materials spanning multiple scales, providing an effective solution for numerous biomedical applications.

Illustration of 3D piezoelectric element for ultrasound transducer

3D Printed Piezoelectric Element for Ultrasound Transducer

Our 3D printing technology can print novel and complex piezoelectric components for biomedical engineers in ultrasonic imaging.